Make Math Apps

with Geometry Expressions

Geometry Expressions can create 3 different types of apps from your mathematical model, all without any programming:

  • JavaScript / HTML5 apps work in a browser on any platform
  • Lua apps work in the TI-Nspire environment, on computer, handheld or tablet
  • OS X Dashboard Widgets work in Apple’s iBook Author software

All apps support zooming and panning (multi touch where appropriate). Inputs can be draggable points, buttons, sliders, random number generators and timers. This allows apps to be used both for demonstration and for evaluation.

Browser apps are single html pages with no external dependencies. They can be emailed or posted on a web site.

You can use technology such as Adobe’s PhoneGap Build to create native Mobile apps which you can put on app stores.

There is no restriction on what you may do with the apps generated by Geometry Expressions. You can sell them or give them away, put them on a web site or incorporate them in an electronic publication. You can even upload them to Euclid’s Muse, our site for Interactive Math Apps and the place to see what you can do with Geometry Expressions.

Want to know more? Check out the guide or the video tutorials to see how it all works.

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