Announcing Geometry Expressions 3.3

Upgrade to the latest version to get these great new features

New in v3.3:

  • Reflex angles supported as constraints, measurements or annotations.
  • Point trace creates interactive traces when points move, in Geometry Expressions or in generated apps.
  • Customizable color pallette.
  • Improved constraint engine.
  • More arrowhead styles.

New in v3.2:

  • New features for generated JavaScript apps and Dashboard Widgets along with a new output type for expressions and UI improvements
    • Annotations now incorporated into apps.
    • Photographs are downsampled to increase app performance when pictures are included.
    • Ability to add snippets of JavaScript code to apps: this power feature gives great flexibility.
    • Check boxes replace True/False in many dialogs.
    • English versions of all Greek letters are accepted.
    • MatLab output generated.
    • Select All Type menu option.

v3.1 added these features:

  • Several new features for generated JavaScript apps, Lua apps, and Dashboard Widgets:
    • New input controls:
      • Advance Button lets you increment a variable
      • Media Buttons give you more controls to change the variable
      • Random generates a random value within your specified range
      • Timer is handy for making clock apps and other animated apps
    • Outputs can now be attached to a Show / Hide Button. This feature combined with the Random input type is very handy for making practice apps where students can check their answers by clicking an answer button, then reload the page with a new problem.
  • Visibility Condition controls allow any object to be hidden or shown based on a mathematical condition. Use alongside the Advance Button or Media Buttons controls to generate apps that gradually reveal the inner workings of complicated constructions.
  • Objects can now have constraints, annotations, and calculations applied at the same time.
  • A new export file format, Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg).
  • Two new built-in functions - ceil() and floor().

v3.0 SP2 added the following features:

  • Create OS X Dashboard Widgets which can be incorporated in iBooks.
  • Graphing mode with independently scaled axes.
  • Mathematical precision can be set as significant figures or decimal places.
  • Background color can be changed.
  • Ability to drag a point along a line or curve in a generated JavaScript app.
  • Multi-touch support in generated JavaScript apps.
  • Lua source code generation.
v3.0 added the following features:
  • Automatic creation of interactive JavaScript Apps, which can be viewed in a browser on any platform (including iPhone/iPad). Some example apps are here and here.
  • Export of Animations as animated gif files (which can be used in Wikipedia and Power Point).
  • Export of source code for measured quantities in a variety of formats: (C, Objective C, C++, C#, VB, VBA, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript).
  • TeX export.
  • Piecewise functions.
v2.2 added the following features:
  • Symbolic areas of curve-sided regions (including area under and between functions)
  • Arcs (both circular and based on other curves)
  • Symbolic Arc length
  • Regular polygon (generic n)
  • N-sided curve approximation (with generic n)
  • Enhanced annotation features
v2.1 added the following features:
  • Filled circles and ellipses
  • Transparency support for solid objects
  • Ability to arrange the drawing order of all items
  • Quick toggling of hidden items
v2.0 added the following features:
  • Conics - Parabola, Ellipse and Hyperbola, defined by equation or by foci, or by incidence constraints.
  • Trace - allows you to display whole families of shapes at once
  • CAS support - We have expanded the list of supported CAS's to incorporate the TI-nspire
  • Annotation - we allow you to create inert distance and angle symbols, which are neither input nor output, but simply annotation.
  • Much more!

Geometry Expressions v1.x and v2.x users can upgrade for just $79.

If you purchased Geometry Expressions after June 1, 2011 you are eligible for a free upgrade to v3.0. Please email your user name and key to Geometry Expressions support.

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