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For Engineering

Cam Welcome to computerized mathematical modeling

  • Create conceptual designs and generate explicit mathematics
  • Copy the mathematics to Maple or Mathematica for further analysis or optimization
  • Visualize by pasting results back into Geometry Expressions
  • Document your analysis by exporting drawing and mathematics into your office suite


My students and I found Geometry Expressions very useful, and easy to use. The Geometry Civilized class enjoyed features that allowed them to make analytic representations of plane geometry theorems, and students in my Modern Geometry class also had fun checking out a variety of conjectures. Next time I teach Algebraic Geometry I will make sure that my students try to get access so they can get a feeling for the work we do in automated geometric theorem proving. ”

Dr John Stroyls
Chair, Mathematics,
Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

For Education

Regiomontanus Welcome to a new way to learn mathematics
  • Mathematical problems emerge naturally from real world situations
  • Geometry is fully integrated into the rest of mathematics
  • Students can be exposed to problem formulation and idealization
  • Choose appropriate solution technique: numeric, automated symbolic, or by-hand

Latest News

  • Geometry Expressions v3.3 is now available! Click here to see the new features.
  • L Van Warren has combined Geometry Expressions apps with the Kindle in his new eBook available from here.
  • Our Euclid's Elements now covers books 1-6 and contains over 180 interactive diagrams. Available on iTunes.