Learn the power of Geometry Expressions by browsing through our many examples.
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Insight with Geometry Expressions (10)

Provides an introduction to Geometry Expressions as well as detailed explorations of Incircles and Circumcircles
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What does Geometry Expressions Calculate (5)

Gives an explanation of how Geometry Expressions' Geometry Model works and how to use that model more effectively.

Beginning Algebra to Algebraic Geometry (21)

This document takes you from simple applications of Geometry Expressions, like finding the area of a house, to more advanced topics like dynamic graphing.

Napoleon and Pythagoras (5)

A set of diagrams which start with a triangle and superimpose congruent figures on each side.
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Videos (4)

Videos of Geometry Expressions in action.

Using a Constraint Approach in Teaching Mathematics

A Geometry Expressions tutorial written by two high school mathematics teachers. Topics range from an introduction to constraint based geometry to instructions on how to create advanced figures in Geometry Expressions.