Geometry Expressions

Abacus, displayed in Clock Form


We explore how constraints work in Geometry Expressions.

To create specific geometry, first create a sketch, without worrying about details. Here we draw a triangle.

Now we add precise details by constraining the lengths of the sides.

Notice the first length does not change the drawing, it simply sets the scale.

Picture 1

When you set the length of the second and third side, the drawing does change.

Picture 2

You can change the lengths and the drawing will change (including the measured area).

Picture 3

You can make the lengths symbolic, and the area will be presented as a formula.

Picture 4

If you add an angle, the system will tell you that this will be overconstrained. However, you can choose to relax one of the previous constraints and convert it to a measurement.

Picture 5

We repeat the process, adding a second angle.

Picture 6